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March 2, 2011

Mohammad and Maria

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Mohammad and Maria, originally uploaded by Bzawawi.

March 1, 2011

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Tools Features Social Behavior Affordances Teaching or learning strategy Teaching/training best practice or application Benefits for Educators
Widgets in Blogs – Linking to another tools like Twitter, Flicker and Diigo.

List a blogroll.

– Organizing your blog site by including updates from multiple tools – Aggregating information from other tools to help learners review the wide picture of your interest and resources – Learners share and send useful resources found in classmates blog. – Tracking students accesses to blogs.

– Track the most visited blogs.

My Groups in Diigo – Create or join groups about topic of interest – Have accesses to numerous resources about a topic and review comments from other group members about these resources. – Collaborate on collecting and sharing useful resources and ideas. – Find solutions for specific problems.

– Resources for a research.

– Ideas for a project.

– Accesses to beneficial tags created by group members.

– Build social communication/ informal friendship with group members.

– Create safe environments for students.

– Share useful resources without the need of citation.

– Engage learners in community of practice.

– Present practical ways to collect information

My List in Diigo – Create lists for specific topics of interest – Collect resources about specific topics

– Further organization for bookmarking

– Personal collection of data.

– Ability to share these data of make them privet.

– Navigate through others lists and look for useful sites.

– Accesses instructor’s list for resources.

– Add comments to others lists.

– Collect information for specific courses.

– Display resources as webslids for students.

February 24, 2011

Best content in 3D Virtual Learning | Diigo – Groups

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my group in Diigo for virual learning environments.

February 10, 2011

English Arabic Dictionary Online – Free Dictionary Lookup by Babylon

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English Arabic Dictionary Online – Free Dictionary Lookup by Babylon.

My C.V.

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•    B.A. Islamic Studies, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Spring 2007, GPA: 4.97/5.0 •
Second semester as a full time student in the IDD master program.

Previous Classes

Have done four projects that were very successful:Two instructional guides, job aid and teaching a lesson based on cognitive inquiry as one of the learning theories. Also conducted a research paper about ACT learning theory.

Designed and developed a project called Phonics for First Graders with another teammate.The project was about teaching parents and teachers how to use phonics methods to teach their first graders reading.We presented the project using four components: design document, design brief, instructor guide and prototype.

Programed a personal website about my education, family, travel and country.The website was developed using Dreamweaver.The website has passedValidator andWave accessibility evaluation.This is the link to my website:

This is the only class that has been taken at Idaho State University in Spring 2009.A proposal has been conducted about parents views of single sex schools in the U.S.

Although my B.A. is in Islamic Studies, I am eager to dig deeper in the IDD program. I have a passion toward teaching, especially teaching children. I enjoyed using Dreamweaver to develop my website. I am keen to know more about new teaching/learning technologies and web 2.0 tools to apply them in the future. I am specially interested in learning more about wiki and blogs as I heard a lot about them and how they are effective in teaching.

Test Post

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This is a test post.

purple and yellow flower


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